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  • Solar Flower Lamp - PlanetShopper

    Solar Flower Lamp

    from $19.99

    Beautify your garden with these waterproof self powered night lamp! They turn off automatically in the day and light up at night by itself. Availab...

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  • Solar Pineapple Lamp (2 Packs) - PlanetShopper
    Save 30%

    Solar Pineapple Lamp (2 Packs)

    Original Price $35.66
    Current Price $24.95

    Stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside! These pineapple solar lights will beautify and add a soft warm glow to your home and gar...

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  • Solar Owl Lamp - PlanetShopper
    Save 10%

    Solar Owl Lamp

    from Original Price $26.66
    from $23.95

    Create a warm, welcoming and romantic atmosphere to your guest or family with these the solar powered owl lamp! Just charge them under sunlig...

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  • Mountain River Incense Holder - PlanetShopper
    Save 50%

    Mountain River Incense Holder

    from Original Price $15.95
    from $7.95

    Relax and unwind with the Mountain River Incense Holder! Placing an incense cone at the top creates a trail of smoke which imitates a waterfa...

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  • Solar Garden Light - PlanetShopper
    Save 50%

    Solar Garden Light

    Original Price $39.99
    Current Price $19.99

    Beautify your outdoor garden with these colorful solar lights! They light up automatically when the sun goes down and turns off in the day fo...

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  • LED Book Lamp - PlanetShopper
    Save 50%

    LED Book Lamp

    Original Price $59.99
    Current Price $29.99

    Add a touch of warmth to your bedroom, home or living room with the book that illuminates! It is essentially a portable lamp that can be used anyti...

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